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there is always one news article to grab my attention and stands out from the rest…WOW, WOW, WOW news. It says that the purpose of foreign currency in Iraq is to deal with it outside the [national] economy, so it is not possible to consider the existence of a price in the dollar and a price in the dinar: one rises and the other falls..

Latest Mnt Goat Newsletter. link to The Real Mnt Goat Newsletter. ... MntGoat Newsletter, Mountain Goat, Mountain Goat Newsletter, MountainGoat iraq dinar iqd Post navigation. Previous Post Previous What I Love About MntGoat. Next Post Next Sample Post. Search for: Search. Recent Posts. 2023-07-16; 2023-04-19; 2022-06-18; 2022-05-11 New MG Link ...Mnt Goat. April 19, 2024. in Mnt Goat. The news just keeps getting better and better. …my CBI contact again confirmed to me that this meeting of Iraq with the Whitehouse had to take place and could be seen as a healing meeting between the two countries. One issue was of course the status of leaving or the pullout of US forces. This issue is ...Mnt Goat » Mnt Goat; Mnt Goat. February 19, 2024 In Mnt Goat. Question: We all have like 25000 dinar notes after the 2 extra zeros are gone and we can go to FOREX will we have any problems cashing them in at the new FOREX rate after the month is over? Mnt Goat: So, there is no time period set for exchanging our dinars outside of Iraq. However ...

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Mnt Goat. April 10, 2023. in Mnt Goat. Article: "Iraq new date (2023) 5,000-dinar note (B354c) confirmed" I thought Iraq was trying to get rid of these larger notes in the very near future with the project to delete the zeros? ...Mnt Goat. April 4, 2024. ... At Dinar Detectives, we provide daily dinar updates and dinar recaps, featuring insights from popular dinar gurus. Stay informed with our comprehensive coverage of the latest dinar chronicles and gain valuable insights from …Dinar Guru; Videos; Audios; Global . Home » Mnt Goat » Mnt Goat. Mnt Goat November 30, 2022 …Iraq is planning something in early 2023. There is just too many actions going on in the monetary reforms now all of a sudden since October to think otherwise. First, there is a new rate in the QFS and it is a fantastic rate.

Mnt Goat. December 28, 2023 In Mnt Goat ... so it is not possible to consider the existence of a price in the dollar and a price in the dinar: one rises and the other falls. No monetary policy can control such a situation…Folks this is just what we have been waiting for so long to hear…This is huge news. [Post 1 of 2….stay tuned] ...We would like to show you a description here but the site won't allow us.Mnt Goat November 5, 2022. Article: "IS IT TIME TO CHANGE THE EXCHANGE RATE?" Quote: "…go to the program to delete the three zeros so that the dinar became a respectable and strong currency and an actual strategic and national stockpile that is better than the dollar and gold together."Mnt Goat. March 18, 2024. in Mnt Goat. So according to Shafaq News/ The Parliamentary Finance Committee discussed, on Thursday, with the Central Bank of Iraq, the monetary policy and banking system in the country and ways to increase the value of the Iraqi dinar. I quote from the article - " to discuss monetary policy, the banking system in ...

Be sure to consult a professional for any financial decisions. Member: Morning Mark, Mods, Patriots and Gurus! MZ: We talk to Matt and Lucas for awhile and then dive into the news from the week around 40 minutes into the podcast. Member: Rumors out there that Iraq has already RV'd and posted the rate in the Gazette.Mnt Goat. April 16, 2024. in Mnt Goat. Article: “ IRAQ’S FINANCIAL REVENUES EXCEED 11 TRILLION DINARS (about 11 Billion US Dollars) WITHIN A MONTH ” Yes, even in a “rentier” oil economy the Iraqi dinar can still maintain a realistic rate of …Mnt Goat. January 3, 2024. in Mnt Goat. …2023 was an outstanding year for progress in the currency monetary reforms in Iraq. I could hardly believe that so much was done in such a short period of time, if you compare the other 20 years since the 2003 invasion. In today’s news we read multiple articles talking about all this progress and how ... ….

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Mountain Goat Dinar Guru. At this point, most of Dinar Land know that Mountain Goat was a fake creation by someone. Some have speculated that Dinar Recaps was the one who created Mnt Goat, but it's hard to tell because they like to hide behind their disclaimer. So, even if it was created by them, they have a disclaimer basically hiding them ...Mnt Goat. August 11, 2023. ... At Dinar Detectives, we provide daily dinar updates and dinar recaps, featuring insights from popular dinar gurus. Stay informed with our comprehensive coverage of the latest dinar chronicles and gain valuable insights from dinar guru opinions. Links.

November 29, 2023. in Mnt Goat. What will 2024 look like? I will say one thing for sure as it will not be business as usual in Iraq…I will also dismiss this silly notion once again that Iraq must first rebuilt their economy and then watch the value of the dinar grow with it from 1/6 of a penny upwards…the very basis of the economy now is ...Mnt Goat In what they have already accomplished just in the last 16 months, it would be silly to turn back now. ... Dinar Revaluation Blog is not a registered investment adviser, broker dealer, banker or currency dealer and as such, no information on the Website or Email newsletter is a financial advise. This Blog is for Speculation , Rumors ...Global Currency Reset: Fri. 17 May Texas Snake: "Word is to stay alert tonight into tomorrow.God only knows for sure." Thurs. 16 May Bruce: On Wed. 15 May one of the top people at Wells Fargo Bank said, "It looked good for a Shotgun Start in the next two days." We may get the R&R (Restitution Allowances) beginning on the 4 th Wed. of May, or by the end of May.

estate sales roanoke va Mnt Goat; Mnt Goat. August 9, 2023 In MilitiaMan ... Dr. Shabibi, he was able to stabilize the rate of the dinar at about 1166. I firmly believe this is about the rate they are targeting from 1320 to around 1166 next as their next "official" CBI rate. guy pointing gun at himself memewarframe arcane farming Mnt Goat. October 19, 2023. in Mnt Goat. …we have learned that the global system for the automation and modernization of customs (ACYCUDA) project is making headway. This system will require a link to the international currency exchange to convert rates of currencies between countries for up-to-the-minute rates. The system is planned to take ...According to Intel Guru Frank26 : Right now, the Iraqi authorities are taking steps to implement the monetary reform. This includes making sure that Iraqi citizens are able to receive lower denominations of currency, known as fils, and a new exchange rate. To achieve this, they are gradually removing the American dollar from circulation and ... university of kansas st francis mychart Home Dinar Guru Updates Mnt Goat. Mnt Goat. November 17, 2022. in ...Mnt Goat. March 12, 2024. in Mnt Goat. Article: “ THE NEW IRAQI OIL LAW UNDERMINES THE DREAM OF KURDISH INDEPENDENCE ” Quote: “ On February 21, the Federal Supreme Court ruled that the Iraqi Kurdistan Regional Government must hand over “all oil and non-oil revenues” to Baghdad. ” This is a solid start to getting the Oil and Gas Law ... callaway rogue driver adjustmentshow to email a text message to verizon phonelistcrawler provo Mnt Goat. April 12, 2023. ... Saleh also stated that at the same time, the rate of the dinar is supported by large foreign currency reserves, which are the highest in the country's financial history. All of these factors are gradually shrinking the gap between the two prices ... az ebt schedule Mnt Goat. August 22, 2023. in Mnt Goat … we have learned that the CBI is targeting a new revalued rate for the dinar of 1132 from 1320 and very soon…this is their target, and we know now it is.Mnt Goat August 12, 2023. in Mnt ... may take some actions from the UN to force the US to let go. They will also have to let go of OFAC sanctions on the dinar, which are still be imposed on it. giant at home accessinstacare south ogdengarden way th 1019 tiller manual Mnt Goat. November 15, 2023. in Mnt Goat. Article: "THE HIGHEST CURRENCY RESERVE IN THE HISTORY OF IRAQ" Quote: "We hold the. highest currency reserve in the history of Iraq and the time for the stability of the dollar has begun November 14, 2023 Advisor to the Prime Minister for Financial Affairs, said that Iraq today has the highest ...